Kitty Davies

Artist // Designer // Illustrator

Hi, friend.

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Kitty Davies is a queer artist, illustrator, and designer based in Los Angeles. She graduated from CSULA in 2015 with a degree in Film and began attending Concept Design Academy in 2016. She likes subverting gender, fan art, monsters, video games, bad dreams, good dreams, and cats.


Heavily influenced by the subconscious and hypnogogia, Kitty's fine art seeks to examine and deconstruct accepted mythoi about gender, whiteness and race, and sexuality.

Kitty also works as a concept artist and visual developer, primarily focusing on character and creature design. She has a soft spot for monsters, horror, and narrative-heavy video games.

Kitty has contributed character art to the independent video game Sedition and the multimedia project Orksong. Her work was featured in the 2014 Fall edition of the literary magazine Watershed Review.


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